You've been personally invited to an AFRICAN SAFARI

Congratulations! Youve found the hidden key, now onto your next adventure.... To Tanzania, Africa!
There are many components involved when planning a trip to another country. So this is designed to help you as a personal guide to make your experience safe, efficient, and get the best deals!

Tanzania is home to many beautiful experiences, including the highest point in Africa;

MT Kilamanjaro.


Tanzania is also home to some incredible wild life such as lions, elephants, giraffes, gazelles, hippos, and many many more.

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Maasai People

And of course, it is the home of the rich cultures, history, and traditions of local Indigenous Tribes. Such as The Maasai, and dozens more!

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Meet Your Guide

Meet Aaron, he is your local tour guide in Tanzania. He has spent many years studying the land and wildlife, and knows very well how to safely navigate you on your trip. He is the grandson of the first prominent Native guide Yohana Lawuo to climb the summit of Mt. Kilamanjaro!
He is also a great photographer, and took all the photos and videos on this page!

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*Word of caution to LGBTQ travellers*

Tanzania is unfortunately not an LGBTQ friendly country. This does not reflect the views of Coheko Dynasties, Please travel with caution!

Do some extra research, and travel at your own risk.