Resources and links to educate people on some of the current world issues, and nonprofits to send support to.

What are Freedom Projects?

This is where we use our Brand to put towards issues going on in the world that we care deeply about. Here we will share with you resources to further educate yourself on current world problems, as well as non profits we're donating to, and ways you can help too.

It is important to us to be transparent about our beliefs, as well as who we work with, and what these projects are funding.

Fundraiser for A Palestinian

Want to help someone in need? Coheko is currently sponsoring Osama Sheriff. (Pictured Left)
A young Palestinian software engineer who is working towards getting the funds to get out of Gaza, and continue his education. You can help him or learn more by clicking the button below.

Donate Here

The Democractic Republic of Congo

What is going on?

  • Funding and Donations

    One of the ways we can help is by donating directly to nonprofits that are raising money to build displacement camps, medical care, food, water, clothing, directly to the people in need.
    Focus Congo is a great nonprofit to donate to for this issue.

    Focus Congo 
  • Boycott and Write your Representatives

    Another Good way to help is to stop putting money into the companies that are profiting the most from this Genocide. As well as using your voice to reach out to Congress and local Representatives to make sure the peoples voice is heard. Friends of The Congo is a great resource for steps on how to do that. As well as another nonprofit to donate Directly to.

    Friends of The Congo 
  • Get Educated

    Another great way to help is to stay informed and follow the accurate sources for information. Here are a few to start:

    Pappy Orion


    Focus Congo

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